Real Estate Investing
Without the Headaches

5th Ave Financial Group serves Kingdom-Minded Investors
in Growing Wealth Through Commercial Real Estate Ventures.

5th Ave Financial Group is an real estate investment firm based in Salisbury, North Carolina, with roots in the hot South Florida Real Estate market.  Its founders attribute 50+ combined years of real estate investing experience to successfully investing through all market cycles by applying proven systems.

5th Ave Financial Group locates, funds and manages real estate investment opportunities in the multi-family apartment building, self-storage facilities and most recently, Built-to-Rent communities.

Growing markets are experiencing unprecedented growth due to an influx of major companies acquiring large facilities and bringing with them thousands of jobs. This makes these markets ripe for growth and a wellspring of real estate investment opportunities. These markets are our focus.

True Wealth is Created Through Real Estate

Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

Andrew Carnegie

  • Tax Advantages: Real Estate, especially commercial real estate provides investors with a variety of strategies to help you keep more of your earned income
  • You Choose: Use your own cash, an LLC, Trust or use your IRA funds
  • Legacy: Create multi-generational wealth using 1031 Strategies
  • Cash Flow: Deals provide a regular cash flow for our investors at the same time we're creating more value

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